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Need a local veterinarian? An Australian veterinarian who specialises in horses, birds, rabbits or exotic animals? Want to find a veterinarian who knows about alternative therapies, geriatric pets or feline diseases? What about an Australian dog cancer specialist or a 24 hour vet hospital or veterinary emergency centre?

Whether you’re after a 24 hour veterinarian in Western Sydney or a guinea pig specialist in Melbourne North, a rural Brisbane horse specialist or a 24 hour Adelaide veterinarian specializing in dog joint problems, an after hours Perth pet hospital or a Darwin dog health expert open on week ends, or just need a veterinary second opinion in Hobart,  then is the Australian listing of veterinarians that you need.

With our comprehensive information including local vet clinic opening hours, directions to your nearest vet and vet hospital and pet emergency center after hours phone numbers, is the place to find Aussie vets fast!

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